"Love your neighbour as you love yourself."

Y5 Home learning

If your child needs to stay at home but is still well enough to continue with their school work, please use the information on this page to help them continue with their learning at home. A variety of lessons will be set across the week.


Week commencing 19th October 2020


Words for the week:  ible and able endings: horrible, available, enjoyable, invincible, valuable, agreeable, terrible, incredible.

Go to Spelling Shed online to play fun games assigned to your class.



Lesson activities Resources




LO: to use commas for parenthesis

A second lesson on brackets, dashes and commas.

Please look at the PowerPoint and complete the worksheets

PowerPoint Parenthesis


Worksheets: brackets, dashes, commas.







LO: Create a poem using poetic language features.

Look at this image from the Pobble website:



Using your 5 senses write down what you can see, what you could hear, smell, touch and taste.

Choose your favourite style of poetry we have learnt this term: descriptive poem, limerick, shape poem, rhyming couplets or haikus and write your own poem based on this picture.

Examples of the poem styles are here:

Space poems


Rhyming couplets


Descriptive poem




LO: Edit your poem and publish

1st  - Find three incorrect spellings in your poetry draft and correct them.

2nd -  Have you used at least 1 of these poetic devices : a simile, metaphor, alliteration, onomatopeia, personification, verses (if needed), repetition ? 

Finally - publish in your best handwriting and illustrate.




MATHS  WB 19th October

 Remember to practise daily online at  Times Tables at TTRockstars 

Lesson activities - Teaching videos (click HERE) Resources
Mon Use line graphs to solve problems

White Rose Worksheet



Tue Read and interpret tables


White Rose Worksheet


Wed Two-way tables

Two way tables SATS Questions

Thu Read information on timetables

Reading timetables worksheet





Lesson activities Resources

LO: Create a self portrait - take a look at the BBC website.

The pupils could do a close observational drawing.

Such as self-portraits using safe mirrors.

Portraits to create a collaborative display, crowd scene or year group image.

This will be used to  make a greetings board or welcome display in our entrance area.




LO: I can explain why materials are used for different purposes.

Activity 1: Identify the material that is being used in each situation on the activity sheet and explain why it has been chosen.

Activity 2: Use the knowledge you have gained from previous investigations to match each material to its picture and description.

Uses of Materials activity sheet


 LO: Being safe online. Play the Bandrunner game on the Think U know website to learn more about how to stay safe online. 



 LO: What is special about a Synagogue?

Watch the Powerpoint and write the definitions of the key words.

LO: What is a mezuzah?

Find out and then have a go at making your own!


Synagogue Powerpoint

Instructions for making a Mezuzah