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School Lunches

Culinera offer a bespoke service to us at St Nic’s. We chose Culinera because we believe we can work in partnership to create a great lunchtime experience for our pupils. Find out more about Culinera (including the latest menus) on our new dedicated website www.snjs.culinera.co.uk.

All junior school pupils must pay £2.35 per meal (except for pupils who qualify for free school meals). If you think you may be eligible for free school meals, please use the link below to register.

Lunches need to be ordered at online via ParentPay before the start of the school day

Like us, Culinera will take many precautions to make sure the preparation and provision of school meals is safe – these can be seen in detail on the website snjs.culinera.co.uk. The biggest change from our usual lunchtime set up is likely to be delivery of hot meals from their temporary menu, served in sturdy, sealable containers, delivered to the classrooms. This will help us to maintain our social bubbles which may still be required. We believe that the menu offer is exciting and a great option for pupils.