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Remote Learning Guides

On this page you will find links to user guides that may be helpful when completing remote learning. 

Accessing Microsoft Teams

This guide will provide intial information on how to access Microsoft Teams. How to access the portal, creating a password and accessing the main features. 

Accessing Assignments and submitting work

This guide will show you how to access the assignments that have been set in Microsoft Teams. It also explains how to submit the work once completed. 

Accessing Microsoft Word through Office 365

This guide will expalin how to acess Microsoft word through the Office 365 application. It also runs through the basic elements of using Microsoft Word. 

Times Table Rockstars Parent Guide

This guide explains each of the modes within TT Rockstars and who to help your children when using it. 

 Spelling Shed Parent Guide

The guide will provide you with details on how to acess Spelling Shed and the different modes available once on the website.