"Love your neighbour as you love yourself."

Year 3



Ancient Egypt Topic Entry Point Day



Welcome to Year 3! The journey starts here.......

 Mrs Bailey, Mrs Arlow and Miss McCabe teach in Year 3 supported by Mrs Pummell, Mrs Wakefield and Mrs Collins 


Please find below details of the weekly homework:


We are really trying to focus the children on three key things this term for their homework. These will be their reading, spellings and their times tables. This week we have sent home their specific times tables and asked them to learn these for a test next week. We have also asked them to learn the following spellings:


 Pound                                                   Note

Money                                                   Coin

Pence                                                     Value

Change                                                  Amount


As always we are continuing with our Race to the Rockets reading challenge so ask that you read as often as you can with the children and just add your signature into their reading records. 


PE takes place on a Friday afternoon with Mrs Carvill and a Monday morning so please make sure the children have their kits.