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Sharing Assemblies

In our Year 5 and 6 sharing assembly today, the following children were awarded trophies:

Nicole N - Mrs Rodrick Reading Award for the consistent effort she puts into reading regularly. Her hard work has produced great progress.

Johnny C - Humanities Award for his continued curiosity throughout the year in all topics from the Mayans, through to trade links, Victorians and the history of canals. Keep up the good work.

Freddie T - Learning Muscles Award for showing fantastic resilience and positivity this year. Keep improving and enjoying your learning.

Chloe T - Voice in a Million Award for excellent focus and concentration in all of the music sessions.

Anna P - Consistency Cup for excellent focus and attention across all of her learning.

Rupert B - Top Scientist Award for excellent questioning in class to deepen his understanding.

Keelan S - Personal Achievement Award for excellent contributions in class and building his resilience to keep going.

Emma C - Presentation Award for fantastic work, reading out her own composition really beautifully and always making valuable contributions.

Will H - Research Award for a general interest in the world and current events, often having useful general knowledge to share with everyone. A very valuable person to have in the class.

Chloe R - Citizenship Award for being kind, caring and thoughtful and always thinking of others. Concerned for the environment of the classroom as well as the wider world, she sets an excellent example for others.

Elle B - Creative Arts Award for being very creative and imaginative. She has a good level of skill when using tools and equipment and has a real sense of pride in her finished product.

Madison P - Personal Achievement Award. Madison's confidence and engagement in learning has really developed this past term. She completes her work with enthusiasm and care; she always focuses well in class.

Clara H - Writing Star Award. Clara has made a consistent effort with writing and acted on constructive criticism to improve all areas. Her work is creative and detailed.

Joshua S - Maths Star Award. Josh's confidence in maths has really grown. He participates enthusiastically in lessons and takes pride in completing his written work.

Jessie A - Sports Award. Jessie is an enthusiastic, skilled and considerate sportsperson. These qualities make her a great ambassador for sports at St Nic's.


 In our Year 3 and 4 sharing assembly today, the following children were awarded trophies:

 Shambhavi D – Consistency cup for always producing beautifully presented, thoughtful and accurate work across all subject.

 Vihaan R – Personal Achievement Award for always working hard, showing fantastic determination at all times to do his very best while at the same time learning English. Well done Vihaan, you are an inspiration to the whole class.

 Noah T – Voice in a Million Award for using music to raise everyone’s spirits while at the same time thinking of others by raising money for a worthy cause.

 Freya S – Writing Star Award for growing in confidence, always trying her best and producing beautifully written creative writing across all genres.

 William Y – Personal Achievement Award for his happy and enthusiastic attitude towards school. William enjoys learning and perseveres through difficulties to achieve his goals.

 Lily B – Mrs Rodrick Reading Award. Lily loves reading and is making a great effort to improve her comprehension skills.

 Ella B – Maths Star Award. Ella has a positive attitude to her learning and works extremely hard in every maths lesson. It has been lovely to watch her become more confident in her own ability as she continuously strives to improve.

 Ivy-Rose B – Creative Arts Award. Ivy is a talented artist. Her creative flair shines through in her bright and colourful drawings.

 Hattie M – Sports Award. Hattie always throws herself into P.E. with 100% commitment. She is so enthusiastic and has shown a new love for football over the last couple of months. She is becoming a brilliant defender and if she continues this way will undoubtedly be a fantastic all round athlete.

 Sibi A – Research award. Sibi has shown a lot of interest and excitement in our World War 2 and Rainforest topics this term. He has taken time to research facts and information about these to share with the class.

 Evan M – Top Scientist Award for his fantastic use of technical language in our science topics this term. Evan has really engaged with the lessons.

 Mikayla W – Learning Muscles Award for her ‘have a go’ attitude. She has become more independent and determined to complete tasks to the best of her ability.

 Ecaterina I – Presentation Award for her contributions to class discussions. She has often presented her work to the class with confidence and knowledge of the subject being presented.

 Joe R – Humanities Award for his enthusiasm and engagement in our topics. He has contributed well in lessons, often bringing in items of interest to share with the class.

 Rosie G – Citizenship Award for working co-operatively with her peers. She is quick to show compassion and respect for their views. She is helpful and dependable in class.


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