"Love your neighbour as you love yourself."

Our Charter

At St Nicolas every child will be part of a learning journey where they will grow and develop whilst making memories and gaining experiences to cherish.

Every child will:

  • Be nurtured and supported with any problems;
  • Be supported to become independent learners;
  • Learn to read independently and to an audience;
  • Experience falling into the world with a book or story;
  • Develop an enjoyment for Maths and Literacy and make connections within these subjects to their everyday life and the outside world;
  • Be able to explore technology, be safe online and have the opportunity to use, develop and create ICT programs;
  • Take part in a daily collective worship and appreciate time for quiet reflection;
  • To develop a spiritual awareness and visit the place of worship of more than one religion;
  • Be encouraged to develop curiosity within lessons and ask questions of enquiry.
  • Become researchers;
  • Be part of a creative curriculum and experience exciting entry points;
  • Find and develop their own creativity;
  • Be part of two P.E lessons a week;
  • Experience working alongside professional practitioners;
  • Develop confidence and self esteem by taking part in PSHE lessons;
  • Become equipped with communication and social skills to use in life;
  • Have an older child as a ‘buddy’ to help settle into school;
  • Work in an environment that honours mutual respect and manners;
  • Experience being part of a performance and the value of working with others;
  • Experience out of the classroom learning within the local community and organised trips; becoming fearless explorers of the world around them;
  • Take part in fundraising activities and feel that they can make a difference to others;
  • Learn to swim;
  • Take part in cycling proficiency and road awareness;
  • Be part of the school voice so that their opinions and concerns can be heard;
  • Be proud to be appointed to positions of responsibility and fulfil tasks associated with them in a conscientious manner;
  • Be given the opportunity to take part in a range of clubs;
  • Be able to reflect on their own successes and strengths and decide on own development points;
  • Be inspired and become an inspiration to someone else.